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Thanks for this article! After following the instructions we now have a Hadoop cluster up and running and it only took about 15 minutes to create.

We did run into a few issues, but they were easily fixed.

First, if you use cut and paste to run the commands, the - preceding command line arguments doesn't paste as a -, so we had to watch out for that.

Second, several times the commands use the directory 'Serengeti', with a capital 'S' when the actual directory on the management server has a lower case 's'.

Lastly, in both the /opt/serengeti/www/cdh/4/cloudera-cdh4.repo /opt/serengeti/www/distros/manifest files, we had could not use the IP address of the management node. This caused the cluster creation to fail with a 'hostname does not match the server certificate' SSL error. After adding a DNS entry for it, and updating these two files with the management server's FQDN, everything was created successfully.

Thanks again!


Great article. Thanks.

Has anyone tried this with CDH 5.0 I suspect it doesn't work but would be great to know whether it worth trying if anyone has had any success with deploying CDH 5.0 via BDE.


Thansk Carl. I belive that BDE 2.0 will support CDH5. Will have to wait for official announcment from VMware in June.

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