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John Griffith

Great stuff Jim, and by the way it was great meeting and presenting with you as well. Just a couple of comments (of course :0 ). The point I was trying to make is that Cinder is intended to be the Control Plane, adding another Control Plane abstraction under it doesn't really make it "better" in any way that I can see.

Your point about aggregating Control Planes across Block, Object and File is a completely different deal IMO. Cool idea, but aren't you just moving the admin tasks around? I mean none of this is magic. One final point, Ceph doesn't do this, they have a fairly standard Block driver in Cinder, different entry points for their other protocols; regardless they have a Ceph Driver that talks Ceph, not a Uber-Driver that talks to a plethora of other drivers.

To be clear, I DO think that differing opinions and discussions on this topic are healthy and good for everybody concerned including the end-user. Who knows, maybe you'll change my opinion (maybe).


LOL, Im doing my best to change your mind :)
My main point would be in a cloud scale environment, for a storage admin, having a central control plane to manage the back-end before handing it off to cinder does make life easier, especially in cloud scale type of environments particularly if you are using multiple types of storage on the back end. Untimely Cinder, IMHO, is a cloud admin tool to obtain storage resources. Having a storage admin tool to centralize management of storage offered to the cloud admin is what is key in my mind.


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